The wide variety of activities available at Nuarro Lodge will keep guests of all ages as active or relaxed as they choose! For the more active, there are all the marine excursions which include diving, snorkeling, whale watching, dhow sailing, kayaking, board paddling and sunset cruises, just to name a few. Landlovers can enjoy a picnic on a private beach of their choice, or a leisurely stroll to the nearby village, bird watching or even an adventurous mountain bike road to the lighthouse or enjoy our Bush Drive! For the less energetic, perhaps a massage under the shade of trees, maximizing on the sea-breeze. Alternatively, curled up with a good book, relaxing in the comfort of our beach bar lounge is also a great way to spend the day!


Nuarro Bay is a dream for snorkelers. Snorkelling from the beach. The Nuarro Bay is a sea life paradise with beautiful coral reef just a short swim from the beach. There are two reefs that are often used for snorkelling, these are: Enupa Reef (house reef) – Shore entry: 100m swim, from 4 to 12m deep. Enupa Reef lays in front of the Activities Centre about 100m from the beach and is part of the Nuarro Marine Reserve. This is an easy and relax snorkel where you can spend lots of time around 5m but adventure down to 12m if you wish. Snorkel here can be done at most times of the day, but high tide is the best time as the entrance is easier. Photographers will be delighted with the macro life where they can spot many kinds of shrimps and crabs, snake and moray eels, nudibranchs, flatworms, and other marine life like gobies, egg cowries, butterfly-fish, wrasse, damsel-fish, blue spotted stingrays, puffer-fish. Fish Alley, Boat entry, from 3 to 30m (in places sheer wall drops to 60m+). Fish Alley offer suitable conditions for all levels of divers and snorkelers. Therefore it is an ideal place to go when part of the group wants to dive and part wants to snorkel, everyone will leave the water with smiles in their faces. The shallowest part have a little bit of all, coral bommies, sea grass and the top of the wall. Coral bommies offer every one his own patch of coral with plenty of colours. Garden eels, cowries, ribbon eels, gobies, sand perches, mullets and puffers are found. This is a site where many fish come to visit cleaning stations; bi-colour and common cleaner wrasse compete to service the gills, skins and fins of all kinds of clients, sometimes not much bigger than themselves. Lyre tail and saddle back hog-fish are usually seen around as well as the Indian and African sand wrasse. All equipment is available at the Nuarro Activity Centre.

whale watching

Nuarro is a fantastic place for whale watching. The calm blue water and close droop off allow us spectacular sights of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) during our winter. Humpbacks can be seen from the comfort of your chalet, or you can venture out with us on the boat for a close encounter. During whale watching with the Nuarro team you will receive in-depth information about them, assist in research and even have a chance to listen to the magical song of the whales with the assistance of a hydrophone. Of course, the quality of the encounter does not depend only on us as whales are a wild animal, however we will do our best to offer you the best whale experience in Mozambique. The whale season starts in July and ends in November, with the peak season in August and September. Each year the pregnant humpback whales move from the cooler Antarctic waters to the east coast of Southern African to give birth and nurture their calves, before making the voyage back down to their summer feeding grounds. Sometimes you can also hear the whales singing underwater when snorkelling or diving! Did you know…

  • Humpback’s can grow to around 16m long, weighing between 30-50 tons.
  • Females are larger than males
  • Distinctive white patches on the underside of the fluke (tail) are like fingerprints.
  • Baleen whales are seasonal feeders and carnivores that filter tiny crustaceans , plankton and small fish.
  • Eat around 2 tons of food, normally in two feedings, per day.
  • Can dive for up to 30 minutes and to a depth of 150-200m)

Can often be seen:

  • Spyhopping (bobbing with their head out the water to look around)
  • Lobtailing (sticking their tails out the water, swinging it around and then slapping the waters surface)
  • Breaching (launching their bodies high out the water and splashing down again)


One of the best activities is doing “nothing”. Maria, our Mozambican masseuse, who was born and lives in Baxio do Pinda (the village) has no formal training, but has learnt her trade from many mentors. She provides the most relaxing back and full body massages under the trees on the beach, this is certainly the best venue for a massage surrounded by ocean energies, breeze and sunshine. Rejuvenate body, mind and soul at this special holiday destination. Feel her midas touch, and relax and enjoy! (Massage in chalet is also one of the possibilities)

other activities

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a wonderful way to discover the Baixo-do-Pinda peninsula. Cycle to the old Portuguese lighthouse in the village and enjoy spectacular views. There are currently 10 BTT mountain bikes, with standard equipment. For the land-lovers, or for a change of scenery from the beach, grab a bike (and some water) and cycle down to the lighthouse (around 45 minutes), or for a closer experience, peddle over to the private beach for a quick swim and back again (around 15 minutes).

Bird Watching

We’re slowly compiling our bird list. To date, we’ve recorded 130 species in and around the lodge. The numbers are sure to grow! Guests are surrounded by birds and their calls: Sombre Greenbuls are conspicuous; Tropical Boubous and Eastern Nicators call from the undergrowth and Blue Waxbills delight the eye. Beyond the commoner species is a wide range of birds from eye-catching kingfishers, rollers and bee-eaters to identification challengers – warblers, cisticolas and waders. Raptors are in evidence too: African Goshawk is a regular around the camp; Little Sparrowhawk lurk in the undergrowth and Lanner Falcon swoop by from time to time. The variety of habitats at Nuarro ensures that our birdwatching guests will never be disappointed.

Beach Picnic

A dream comes true during your Beach Picnic. The ultimate indulgence! Allow yourself to be taken by boat (or road) to one of the deserted beaches and enjoy a delicious picnic prepared by the chef of the restaurant at Nuarro. Spend your day soaking up the sun, reading a great book, swimming in the sea and tantalising your taste buds with Chef’s wonderful array of beach snacks, which include fresh wraps, samosa’s and other delectable surprises!

Nuarro Bush & Night Drive

As the sun beats down on the Nuarro bush we offer you an opportunity to discover Nuarro.

The bush drive awaits you for a thrilling adventure and an epic 2 hours of driving 9.8km around the Nuarro reserve discovering multitudes of amazing insects, animals and the splendour of healthy tree and plant species. Some of the animals you may see; civet and genet cat, mongoose, monitor lizard, snakes, vervet monkey, black back jackal, bat eared fox, fruit bats. 

Enjoy the drive in our open Toyota Land Cruiser driving among baobab trees and finding hidden caves. Nuarro boasts an abundance of bird life such as fish eagles, snake eagles, sunbirds, woodpeckers and so much more.

A visit to our healthy mangrove network and saltpans is a must do. Exploring hidden beaches and dry riverbeds ounce flowing with water and coves with century old fossils imbedded in the rock.

As the sun sets and the moon rises over Nuarro with the stars ablaze we get ready for the excitement of the Nuarro night drive.

With the night falling upon Nuarro and the spotlights on we begin to drive and find the illusive greater bush babies and lessor bush baby with an informative guide and knowledge about the Nuarro bush.

As the drive progresses the chance of seeing the night predators becomes even greater such as the civet cat and genet cat hunting down their prey.

The nightjars are abundant as well as the eagle owls or perhaps the sight of the red-billed hornbill sleeping on his perch high up in a tree.

After an exhilarating night drive we end off with a feast for a king in our restaurant discussing the thrill of the night drive and what we may have seen over a glass of chilled wine.

Dhow Sailing

The dhow is a traditional boat used by locals for transporting goods and for fishing in the bay. Pack some sundowners and snacks and you can sail a beautiful hand crafted local dhow. It is imperative that a booking is made for this prior to your arrival, as we do not have our own dhow and prefer to support the local community, which takes some arranging. Sailing trip on this elegant wooden boat is an experience that all guests entering Mozambique should have!


Simply spectacular is the Sea Kayaking activity in the bay. Visit the pristine beaches situated between majestic rock formations. Pamper yourself with a delicious picnic delivery. Do not forget to kayak through the mangroves. An experience never to be forgotten. Nuarro has 3 single and 2 double kayaks (Nomad Feelfree) sit on top sea kayaks that can either be taken by the confident paddlers for an early morning or sunset (or anytime) kayak. Some guests have had some wonderful dolphin (and even whale) interactions on our sea kayaks in the past, so try your luck! Guided tours through the mangroves … The mangrove trip departs by boat, which takes around 20 minutes to the entrance of the mangrove, where the kayak route will start for around 30-45 minutes. The tour can only be done between the tides to be able to see crabs, mudskippers and some birds, like the kingfisher.

SUP – stand-up paddle board

There is no better way of exploring the bay of cruising on a paddle board. Paddling is about having endless fun and getting remarkably fit at the same time. It also happens to be one of the fastest growing water sports in the world.

Cultural Village Tour

From Nuarro you can easily go for a Cultural Village Tour and visit the local village of Nanatha where you can meet the local Macua population. Learn more about the work that Nuarro is doing, and how your stay at Nuarro contributes to the village and the community. Visit the school and meet the teachers. Have a tour through the Mosque, and wonder around to the football field, where you may be lucky enough to catch a competitive, but festive game! The tour is taken by our community representative, Feliciano and takes around 1 hour, but you can really make this as long or as short as you like!

Yoga (currently unavailable)

The best way to start your day is by doing yoga. Come and join our sunrise yoga sessions on the deck of the beach bar every morning, while enjoying the sounds of the birds and the view of the ocean. Your teacher will guide you through an hour long yoga class, consisting of Shastra (the study of yogic scripture/texts), Nāda (listening to uplifting, spiritually directed music), Asana (physical practice of yoga postures), Shavasana (also known as Corpse Pose, used for relaxation at the end of the session), and Dhyana (meditation). All levels are welcome, whether you are an experienced yogi or an absolute beginner, this class caters for everyones needs and ability.