Cardinal woodpecker Working together for the family...that is what is happening right now at our Baobab in front of our entrance Nuarro Lodge #birds #woodpecker #loveandfamily
Nuarro Lodge Nuarro lodge, lots of nature and fantastic diving #nightdiveinmozambique #glowdiving #underwaterscooter #scubadivinginmozambique #naturalcolours
KIte surfing @ Nuarro Lodge New activity at Nuarro lodge - kite surfing lessons at Baixo Pinda
#nuarrolodge #nuarroactivitycenter #kitesurfing #kitesurfinginMozambique
Scooter Safari, hey hoo Lets go!
Best muck dive of Mozambique Everyone agree that colorful reefs are stunning, but would you dive on sand? We think the sand is also awesome! Do you want to find out why, check this video from our favourite muck dive! #crazyforsand #muckdiive #bestmuckdiveofmozambique #nuarrolodge #macrophotoography ...
Is this a leaf? Is this a fish? Amazing juvenile protection behaviour @ FIsh Alley dive site, Nuarro Lodge (hard to focus, sorry...)
Coral Recruitment Project From our marine lab. to you...the second video of our coral recruitment project! This is a national program with the objective to study coral distribution, evaluate the health of our reefs and coral recruitment hotspots in the country. Nuarro is ...
Nuarro from Air A short video out of an airplane of Nuarro Lodge.
Surprises of the Ocean in Nuarro - few steps from our beach bar, this flatfish was about to lay her eggs, notice the pregancy belly, the pink genital openning and the male around #flatfishcourtship #gottheminaction #pleasegivegills #nuarrolodge #linguado #flagra #gotinaction
Mother and calf were playing in our bay today!
Mucky diving @ Nuarro is out of this world! Fantastic creatures, amazing macro!
Coral Settlement Project - Phase 2 - the second installation of tiles
Only SCUBA witches can do it! Snake eel witchcraft - Only Scuba witches can do something like that 😉 Nuarro Lodge, Mucky diving, Stables dive site
SPETACULAR AND RARE SIGHT IN NUARRO! Spetacular sight! Huge meeting of seahares everywhwere at Stables today #muckydive #weloveseahares #nuarrodiving #pleasegivemegills
Meet the blue spotted stingray we saw in our last night dive!
No!!! and Now?! I dont want!!! Pretty much the same reaction when someone tells you that your holiday is over and you can´t believe it...
The first dive you never forget especially if it is in such a beautiful place like Nuarro Lodge!
Dived a lot? Looking for something new? Try Fluo Dive!
Já mergulhou muito? Está procurando algo novo? Experimente o "Mergulho Fluo"
What this harlequin crabs feeds on will surprise you! Another wonderful finding during our night diving last night, for the series feeding behaviour. Who would imagine the harlequin crab eats heart urchin? Night diving Nuarro Lodge is the best of the best!

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