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Located on the shores of the warm and azure Indian Ocean in northern Mozambique, lies the remotely, but specifically chosen Nuarro Lodge. Backed by the wild Mozambican bush, fringed with old and established baobab trees to the back; and fronted by the calm and aquamarine bay of Nanatha, the lodge is peppered along a more than 2km-long, powdery-white beach in the middle. Built from natural materials, by the local community, makes the environmentally sensitive. Nuarro Lodge, the ideal venue in which to relax and unwind in these equally pristine surroundings. Nuarro Lodge is all about friendly people, top-class activities and fantastic food, showcasing a spectacular, pristine environment in the most responsible way possible!

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Look the rocks during low tide can be quite fun! Nuarro at low tide - from shrimps and flatworms to squid eggs
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Private beach just after the sun went down
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The whale season is on! First whale watching trip of the season we saw this whale with several scars on the dorsum only few meters from the boat. Probably a female as it wasn´t signing.
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Natural swimming Pool at Nuarro Bay!
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Nuarro Lodge
Whales arrived at Nuarro Bay :-)
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Did you know some animals glow at night because of a protein called green fluorescent protein (GFP)? The discovery of GFP has allowed researchers to use GFP to understand several biological process and follow which happens with specific cells, this ...

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